Using the IWB to support whole class speaking with digital games and interactive fiction in the secondary language classroom

The chapter will examine how digital games and interactive fiction can be used for speaking and supported through use of the IWB in the secondary language classroom. After a literature review looking at game-based learning and the IWB as it relates to the skill of speaking, I will examine through a case study how materials were developed and used to encourage speaking practice in a secondary language classroom context. There will follow an evaluation of the materials and the games used through analysis of qualitative/quantitative data collected as part of the case study and interviews with the teachers and learners taking part. The chapter will finish with a reflection on how teaching techniques and further materials could be developed to better integrate game-based language learning and the IWB.

It will be a secondary level English

2. Data collection: what kind of data, over what time period

In July we have intensive summer courses (120 hours) and this seems like the best time to do the data collection. I will give the learners pre and post surveys and interview the learners and the teachers