Second Life

There are very good reasons why Second Life has become the first choice for educators interested in exploring the use of Virtual Worlds with students and teachers. These include the flexible in-world building and scripting tools. More than any other MUVE, Second Life has attracted the attention of many universities and educational organisations.

How to get started

1) Check whether you have the system requirements to run the software here.
2) Register an account ( and follow the instructions to download and install the software.
3) Sign in and follow the orientation instructions.

What next?

More than anything, Second Life works best when it is thought of as a social network. If you are connected to people who share the same interests as you, then your second life will be more rewarding. You do this by making friends and joining groups.

Educational Organisations in Second Life.

A list can be found here:
The SLED (Second Life Educators) mailing list is an invaluable source of ideas and contacts.

Language Learning & Teaching in Second Life

There are many organisations involved in language teaching and learning in Second Life. Here are some addresses worth exploring:

Second Life User Information for PCE Day