Games Consoles - Teaching with the Wii

Games consoles such as the Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft's XBox360 and Nintendo's Wii have become popular in the home but few have managed to find a place in the classroom. There is a growing interest, however, in using games consoles in education.

To use one, you would have to have a classroom equipped with a TV or a data-projector/IWB.
If you are tempted to explore using this technology for language learning, then the Wii is probably the best place to start.

Why choose the Wii?
  • The Nintendo Wii is an inexpensive games console, unlike the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft's XBox 360
  • The Wiimote makes the games console perfect to use with an IWB or if you have a data projector in the classroom.
  • Nintendo seems to have more of a focus on games which are educational in nature
  • Many of the games come with 5-in-1 multi-language support (English / French / Spanish / German / Italian in the version of the games I buy). This means games you can play in English can be bought at any shop, and don't need to be ordered from the Web.

What games are appropriate for language learning?

It all depends on the age & level of your students, but there are some ideas here:

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