Gamification - Practical ideas for ELT

British Council Teacher conference,
Madrid, Saturday 29th September 2012 - 9am UK time

'Gamification' refers to using game design techniques and game thinking to enhance non-game contexts. Used well, it can make the classroom more engaging for learners. In this session, I’ll be looking at ways teachers of young learners, teenagers, and adults can use gamification, with or without technology, to spice up classes.


Graham Stanley is a senior teacher at the British Council in Barcelona, and the coordinator of the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group. He is co-author of 'Digital Play: Computer games and language aims' (Delta publishing), which won a British Council award for ELT innovation (ELTon) in 2012.


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The presentation was streamed live on the British Council TeachingEnglish site and although there were some technical problems, part of the presentation is available as a recording:
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